Why I became an Officiant..

~I have always been captivated by words, quotes and the power of ritual. There truly is no more inspiring and uplifting topic on which to write, read, speak, or wax poetic than LOVE. It is timeless and universal. I became a wedding officiant because I can think of no greater joy than standing with a couple to mark the moment in time when two become one and a new family is created. The ability to imagine our own future is what sets us humans apart from the rest of the animal world. The exchange of rings and spoken vows connects you to history, seals your union and is an expression of your hopes and dreams for the future. When mere words are insufficient to convey the gravity and meaning of an event, we turn to ceremony. I believe that your commitment ceremony should be as unique as your love story, with just the right blend of tradition, sentiment, and symbolism to suit your distinct personality.

~Whether you choose to keep it simple, draw from multicultural sources, or invent something entirely new, I can help make sure that your ceremony is a heartfelt representation of who you are as a couple. It does not matter if you are filled with all the optimism of young love, blessed with a second (or third) chance at life, or choosing to renew and recommit to one another, as Ram Dass says, we’re all just walking each other Home. I am truly honored to serve as your Officiant and look forward to creating a remarkable and authentic wedding ceremony with you. I am always adding new content in the form of vows, readings, and poetry. I have also put together a few questions to help you discover or clarify the tone that you want to set for yourspecial day. Think of it as a brainstorming session that we can discuss in more detail later.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at your wedding. How do you want to feel?

Choose 3­-5 words to describe the vibe of your wedding. If it had a theme, key phrase or mantra, what would it be?

What is the MOST important element of a wedding ceremony for you?

What is the role of tradition in your wedding vision?

What music, colors, art, or natural elements help tell your story?

What do you and your partner LOVE?